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Forever Zero CO2 is a project by Forever Bambù. Since 2014 the Italian company is a pioneer in creating Giant Bamboo forests in Italy, recovering abandoned or impoverished land. A circular economy project has been conceived from the very beginning, involving bamboo fibers as raw material to replace polluting or not sustainable products, such as the production of bioplastic featuring recycled polypropylene or elements for buildings to replace wood and concrete.
Thanks to the exclusive biological and symbiotic agroforestry management protocol applied by Forever Bambù, its plantations absorb 36 times the amount of CO2 of a mixed forest, with the same area width and climatic conditions. To learn more, you can find the scientific study about it here.

Forever Zero CO2 was created precisely to offer companies the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint in Italy by using the exceptional carbon sink activity of Forever Bambù’s Giant Bamboo forests.


Your Forest, dedicated to mitigating the CO2 of your business

By purchasing a Forever Zero CO2 Cell, you are given a certificate with the coordinates of the portion of the bamboo grove dedicated to you.

Our Forests are located exclusively in Italy and can be visited by appointment or during our field meetings.

The calculation of CO2 absorption was carried out by scientific bodies and validated by Rina, an international certifier, according to the UNI ISO 14064-2 standard.

Each purchase is notarized on the Blockchain, releasing a unique NFT showing all the information of the selected solution.

Becoming Carbon Neutral is simple with
our Bamboo Forests

The perfect solution for every business.

Mini Forest

8 sqm for families

and professionals

209 Kg CO2e/year

Forest Pro

100 sqm for professionals

or small businesses

2,6 Tons CO2e/year

Super Forest

1000 mq per piccole

e medie imprese

Super Cella

26 Tons CO2e/year

Hyper Forest

10.000 mq

per grandi aziende

260 Tons CO2e/year

The best solution for you? Ask Forever Zero CO2 Team!

That’s one small step in a bamboo forest,

one giant leap for your business!

Consumers, customers, governments, and public opinion in general are increasingly sensitive to the protection of the planet.
Sustainability has become an essential element to integrate into corporate strategies: with Forever Zero CO2 you can do it in a simple, certified, and immediate way.

With Forever Zero CO2 Cells you can concretely offset your emissions.

Our Bamboo Forests are waiting for you: experience your sustainability strategy first hand!

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Start your journey towards sustainability with Forever Zero CO2 today!

Take the first step, take the Carbon Footprint Test and easily check your company’s emissions!

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