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Scientific Testimonials

Mauro Lajo

agronomic expert with twenty years of experience in the application of the Biological and Symbiotic protocols. Responsible for our Forests.

Our Customers

“Brugola OEB Industriale has launched a multi-year project to make its 11 plants in Italy zero impact”

Jody Brugola
Presidente Brugola OEB

“Opstart has started a multi-year project to make OpStart the first zero impact platform”

Giovanpaolo Arioldi
OpStart President

“The decision to start a collaboration with Forever Bambù arose from the common need to carry out innovative projects that were in line with our sustainable approach to the environment and business”.

Luca Carta
CEO Immobillion

“We have decided to adopt 0.4 hectares of bamboo to confirm our choice of sustainability and attention to the climate, thus offsetting the CO2 that we will produce in 2022”.

Mattia Assanelli
CEO Carne Genuina

“Today we have the opportunity to make a typically polluting motor sport carbon neutral or even carbon negative by direct and indirect production of CO2”

Mattia Vita
Pilota automobilistico

“Our goal will continue in the future with the compensation of all the stores that we will open every year in order to become the Italian chain with zero impact!”.

Pietro Peligra
 Portobello President

“We have ensured our sustainability in every single aspect of our daily work” comments Marco Spandri, General Manager, with satisfaction “.

Marco Spandri
General Manager Chiefmar

“I have two children and I thought that if one day my children had asked me: ‘Dad you could have done something for me and you didn’t, why?’ What would I have answered? So SaveHuman was born”


Dario Maggioli
 Save Human Founder

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