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Forever Zero CO2 allows your company to start (or to improve) your ESG strategy with certified results from today. How? Supporting Forever Bambù forests, its agroforestry method, and a circular economy business project 100% made in Italy based on the cultivation and use of giant bamboo to produce bioplastic.
A consistent, simple, and effective choice to be Sustainable today.

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Circular economy and sustainability

It has been estimated that the transition from a linear to a circular economy would be sufficient to almost halve the emissions annually produced worldwide.

SOURCE European Parliament

Since 2014, Forever Bambù has started a real and consistent circular economy entrepreneurial project, now at the service of the sustainability of your company.

The circular economy model of Forever Bambù, in fact, includes the management of over 200 hectares of giant bamboo plantations in Italy with an exclusive agroforestry protocol: a cultivation method characterized by the application of biological and symbiotic protocols to maximize growth and quality of the plant, alongside the application of certified methods hat guaranteeing the carbon offsetting activity of the forests. The industrial project features the use of bamboo to create durable bioplastic products, mixing bamboo with recycled polypropylene, a further benefit for the environment and the very guarantee of long-term storage of CO2.

CO2 is captured from the air: carbon is used to “build” the biomass and stored in the bamboo while oxygen is released again into the atmosphere.

Canes are used to produce bioplastic, a blend of bamboo and recycled and sanitized polypropylene, to create durable objects.

CO2 is efficiently stored in durable products and bamboo-based bioplastic can be reused up to 4 times: CO2 offsetting is real, long-lasting and improves air quality.

The exceptional absorption capacity of Forever Bamboo forests

Forever Bambù forests absorb 36 times more CO2 than a mixed forest, under the same climatic and soil conditions.

The reasons:


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and Forever Bambù’s exclusive agroforestry method is designed to stimulate this feature even more. To grow, the plant uses the carbon contained in CO2 in the atmosphere: more growth = less CO2 in the atmosphere.


Soils are prepared and maintained according to biological and symbiotic protocols maximizing the CO2 storage capacity in roots and soil.


The forest is reinvigorated with selective periodic cuts of specific areas so that the areas around to those cut stimulate their regrowth.

Certified Results

Dedicated scientific study carried out by IndaCO2, a company specialized in ecotoxicology, and furtherly refuted by the University of Siena.

Scientific validation of the correctness of the calculation method used by RINA, an reputable international company.

Unique guarantee of the compensation area and of the results notarized via blockchain technology with a dedicated NFT per each contract.

A 100% made in Italy project

Our commitment:


Ethics: we plant giant bamboo forests in Italy on abandoned or impoverished lands, leftover by intensive agriculture (over 4 million hectares according to Coldiretti). Our workforce is resident in Italy and hired with regular contract and fair working conditions.


Consistency: the project is 100% made in Italy, a local project to minimize to costs of transportation


Concreteness: the forests can be visited by your shareholders and customers to touch your sustainability strategy first-hand.

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