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Carbon is a fundamental element of life on Earth: 18% of the human body is made of carbon.
For over two centuries, carbon-based fossil fuels (oil, coal, diesel …) have provided energy to our homes, our factories, and our vehicles, contributing to the economic and social growth of mankind.

However, the increasing carbon emissions produced using these energy sources have increased the concentration of CO2 and other climate-altering gases in the atmosphere. This level has increased so much that the carbon exchange cycles between vegetation and the atmosphere are altered. This creates the so-called “greenhouse effect”, a progressive global warming with very serious consequences for our planet: the disappearance of biodiversity, the acidification of the oceans, the desertification of vast areas, the increasingly frequent extreme weather conditions and the increase sea level, a phenomenon amplified in some regions by the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources of those areas.

Il The report of the UN climate change agency IPCC confirmed a general increase in temperature on Earth of one and a half degrees compared to the pre-industrial period, representing a direct threat to many ecosystems … and to the economy: as each one-degree increase of global temperature corresponds to an average drop of 5.8% in profits (Climate Finance Observatory of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano).

We must act immediately by reducing emissions and CO2 already present.


With a circular economy model, independent of carbon.


By adopting natural and technological solutions of carbon offsetting and use together with the production of sustainable fuels


Support the creation of new forests to absorb CO2 and improve air quality

Forever Bambù achieves all three objectives: the management of bamboo forests with an exclusive agroforestry protocol allows them to absorb 260 tons of CO2 per hectare each year and the company’s circular economy model uses bamboo canes for production of bioplastics and other products replacing polluting and not sustainable raw materials.

Forever Zero CO2: a turnkey solution at your service

By joining this project, your Company takes an important step towards adopting a sustainable business model, reducing, and offsetting its CO2 emissions.

Being sustainable is worthwhile: reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions increases competitiveness on the market, a “Carbon Neutral” company is in fact more attractive to customers and consumers and achieves the objectives set by the European Union and the UN 2030 Agenda.

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